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Well when the pool needs re lining it’s a job you would love to put off and we did! At the end of last season the liner became so thin with years of wear and tear that the robot was sucking little stones through it from the concrete below!
So over the winter we didn’t cover the pool and it slowly drained away and became green with algae! This season we were faced with the daunting process of re lining the pool. This has its challenges, the main one finding the new liner. Now like many things in life we ask Google! And I did. Now we had a new problem. There are many different liners and many different prices! I know the phrase “you only get what you pay for” but the cost can vary enormously.

We were lucky and contacted Lee Coleman via the web.  He was extremely helpful in providing much needed advice, and a catalogue with all the liners under the sun! So here is a small photographic account of the weeks work!   


Step 1 - drain the old pool

Step 2 - put in the new liner - okay there is anti algae under felt, the bottom has to be prepared and skimmed and flattened off and so  on and so on! But this is just a quick guide, and if you are unsure what you are doing you should ask the professionals and they will come and do it for you!      

Step 3 - painful on the water bill, but you need to do this.......fill it up, and in a few days you will either get a visit from the water board thinking you have sprung a leak or the pool will look similar to this!