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Revolutionary Pool Cover

Pool covers - with solar heating properties

Having worn out the conventional blue bubble pool cover it was time to get a new one for 2010. So having done some research about the conventional pool covers I came across a "Revolutionary Pool Cover" at and was impressed with the comments from other customers, and the data sheet so I decided to purchase one. Now they are not cheap but there was free delivery ( actually its included in the price ) and it arrived in a few days without a problem. Its thin and easy to handle being light weight. As you can see from the photograph it doesn't look nice but then if its gets the pool temperature up to 28deg, as they claim, who cares! Now you can see from the first image that the cover sits nicely on the surface and looks shiny! It was actually a little stiff. But after a few days the sun shone and it became much more flexible. It fits well and is turned up at the sides - so no water will overflow.......

Now this next image below is what happened when the sun shone and the cover began to sink at the edges. First it

began to take on some surface water and then after about an hour it completely sank. Getting it out the pool is a

two handed job and after having replaced it twice I decided to go back to my old cover for the time being!

So here is a picture sequence of what happens:

You can see here the water beginning to come over the top of the cover - slowly at first only

a small amount and its not a problem we thought. I thought it might be the 10kt wind we were

having at the time, but over the last few days its been calm and it still sank.

Then the water begins to drift over the cover. Now if you grab the side and try to tip the water

off the cover it will just sink as the water overwhelms it and just forms a giant puddle! If you

leave it this happens.....(see next pic)

You can see here how the water on top increases as the cover starts to drop with the weight

Then it dips and sinks as the water overwhelms the cover. This happened on both occasions

in exactly the same way, but the water came in from different sides, don't know why.

Here you can see it coming in from the other side on the second occasion - but the result

is the same as you are about to see below. Even the cats running away!

Next it begins to fold under with the weight and submerges.

And lastly it drifted to the end of the pool and began to sink. At this point I took it out and began the

process all over again and within an hour it happened all over again. I even tried putting it on top of my

old bubble cover and it sank again and tried to drag the bubble cover with it!

So there you have it - On page 2 I have tried to resolve the problem to stop it sinking. I have

been asked by two other hotels how I'm getting on with the new cover. I have sent an e mail to the

company asking for advice and they suggest it might be the wind and that I should secure the cover.

As for the heating properties, I don't know because it hasn't stayed on long enough to test,

- but see the next page!

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