How to Remove unwanted pictures and adverts

from PDF documents.


I have written this page after wasting hours on google trying to find out how to simply remove a picture from a

Ryanair boarding pass!

I dont mind having to print my own boarding passes when travelling on low budget air carriers

but I do object wasting ink printing adverts on them! So this is how to edit it.


Im asuming you have Adobe Acrobat on your PC so having checked in on line take the option as "save as a PDF file" and save it.

Next open the PDF and you will see all the adverts in picture form, including web links should you be tempted to click on them!

So from the menu in Adobe select:


TOOLS and from the dropdown menu choose ADVANCED EDITING and select TOUCHUP OBJECT TOOL.


Now, next to your cursor you will notice a little box has appeared. With the pointer go to the picture you want to remove

and left click on it and a box will appear around the image. Simply hit the delete key on the keyboard,

or right click the image and from the menu select cut!

Its gone!


You would think Adobe would use the image editor from the select image tool?? WRONG!