Bed and breakfast Dordogne Chambres d'hôtes 

Brouillac 24160 Genis SW France



Having trouble getting ADSL living in rural france - well so were we! Get connected with Nordnet via satellite. Its not as expensive as you think and if you get some of your neighbours interested you'll get 2 free months! If you are interested please contact me and I will tell you my story - the ups and the down side, and there are some - for example be aware that the 20meg download speed they offer is debatable. On a good day I get 4 - 6 meg speed and on a bad one, like the weekend, it can be less than I meg speed. The upload is as they advertise. This makes using skype or facetime impossible. They also give you a free phone to use but this wont work with the speed they provide. So you might want to shop around and get some other customers views.


Nordnet have a app that allows a speed test ( Im not using third party software) and this provides a file and if you would like me to send some dip samples I would be pleased to.

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