******if you need any help on what works and what doesnt please drop us an email. We also have old valve amps and guitars and pedals available if you are in the market......just ask.


George plays a Takamine with a Harley Benton Feedback Buster to prevent feedback so he gets the max from his guitar. It has an internal pickup. He also uses a very old Yamaha pedal for chorus.


The drums you see behind George played by Ebbo are as old as all of us and I don't think you can buy anything like it today!








Stairville LED PAR 56 Black 151 LEDs. The LED PAR 56 short is a PAR 56 with RGB colour mixing. The use of LEDs, results in extremely long life and very low power consumption. Contains 151 LEDs (51 red, 49 green, 51 blue). Controlled by 5 RGB DMX channels, pre-programmed hazes and colours, automatically via integrated processor or music-controlled via internal microphone


And to PA


Our most important change over the years. We used to use a variety of amps, and george even sung through one! But it was all mixed wrongly and when we were at larger venues it was always a problem that George was drowned out! Anyway we looked around and we found a BEHRINGER PMP 2000 from Thomann International ( a great company who has everything) 800W and it does everything we need. All the instruments go through it and the vocals and its has outputs for monitors - well worth it We also have this Amp on a 10m snake so that the sound engineer can turn us up and down!


Now we are using the PMP 6000 and the PMP2000 for a backup.




When its unpacked...... and the left speaker is right behind George ........no feedback. He is using a close range mike but the BEHRINGER does good!




Its fairly neat - most of those boxes are the drums!



and the bass player Denis uses a yamaha and peavy amp.

PA - lighting - mikes - guitars and effects

I use an old blues Vintage acoustic resonator with a pickup from my first electric guitar that's over 30 years old! Its has beefy slinky's and its tuned to G. I use a ceramic slide from dunlop.






I use a standard PRS but with PRS Tremonti Bass neck Pickup fitted for sustain.





Effects Pedal

Boss ME80

I use the sustain on the left, a chorus in the middle and delay on the right.

Mixing these can give its own sound but usually I use left for sultry lead

accompany and middle for chords and left for blues and lead.


The tuner is a very handy add on as is the pedal which I use for volume control - I find that if you

turn down the guitar then the signal going out to the pedal is cut and the effect is lost.




        The Box PA15 ECO MKII, full-range passive speaker, 15" LF
        driver, 3" HF driver, 70Hz-15kHz, 115dB maximum SPL,


200W/8ohm (RMS), 800W/8ohm (peak), 90º x 90º dispersion    


Plus the Millenium BS-2211B-Set speaker stand    


and dont forget the monitors - we did a small gig and they were all

we needed! But for hearing yourself - you need them!